As evidence of the veracity of the traditional mystical view that wisdom erupts from ordinary mind, I discovered the following life-transforming advice from actor Hugh Jackman, as related through Anne Hathaway’s appearance on Entertainment Tonight in promotion of Les Miserables, which program I watched with my mother over dinner last month.

The key to physical fitness, overlooked by all but the greatest adepts, is that one must exercise first thing in the morning, before eating a scrap of food. “Exercise” means 45 minutes of light cardiovascular training.

I’m telling you it works wonders. I have more energy throughout the day, and I’m thriving on 6 hours of restful sleep at night. My breathing patterns are more robust, and I’m paying more attention to detail.

Hugh Jackman is a kind of guru figure traveling through various media. Anne Hathaway occasionally acts as his emissary. I am grateful to my mother for watching Entertainment Tonight.

Never roll your eyes at culture.

“By all means doubt; but then, doubt the reasons you have for doubting, for they themselves are doubtful.” — Pierre Bayle